Making it to Bay of Fires, Tasmania

I’m bloody lucky to call Tasmania my island home. One of my main goals for this year is to see more of my backyard + finally explore Tassie’s gems. Theo and I jumped at the chance to visit Bay of Fires on the East coast when were invited to camp by two friends. For perhaps the most unorganised + eventful camping trip in existence, we packed up the lil Focus and hit the road.

Leaving home at the crack of dawn (well, 8.30 but that’s early right?) we cruised up the coast listening to Melodrama by Lorde and eager to get to the beach as the night before in Hobart was thunderstorms and torrential rain, yep. We’re travelling all cruisy and fine, until unknownst to me we take a slight detour courtesy of my best mate Google Maps. ‘I have a strong feeling this isn’t the right way’, warns Theo but I, placing all my trust into my smartphone, insist, ‘no this is the right way trust me, it’s what Google Maps is telling me’.  Driving along a reasonable main road travelling inward from the coast my gut starts to feel something is up. I’ve royally messed up with navigation on previous trips so I continued to place trust in the phone, not wanting to start another argument on how I’m utterly awful at reading maps.

We hit a single lane road. Hmm. Ok, this is not ideal but I was confident that we’d eventually reach our destination once we passed through (spoiler: we did not). Continuing on we reach the bumpiest stretch of road, I can hear rocks clanging up into the bottom of the car, our bags and camping equipment in the back are banging everywhere and I’m beginning to feel slightly concerned. Theo does not look happy. Desperate to lighten the situation I comment on how this route is at least scenic, as we passed rows and rows of pine plantation, then eucalyptus.

Then we reach the downwards road. It goes from funny to ‘oh god we’re going to die’. Convinced that this road was a literal deathtrap we are stuck off-road driving through what looks like a temperate rainforest, still single lane so there was no turning back now. I’m half in tears, Theo is trying to keep calm, the car is surprisingly still on the road: s**t was intense at this point (and we hadn’t even started camping… gedddit?). Then literally out of nowhere, we reach a campsite???? Full of people and caravans (yes at this point I’m thinking how on earth these people managed to tow caravans down this deadly road!!). Phew. I’ve redeemed myself slightly. At least we’ve reached some sort of civilisation in case we pop a tyre on the rocky road. But then we reach a dead end. The only way is to go back up. Theo grabs my phone and this is what he sees….


We decided to retrace our route and return to a more ‘suitable’ road… Even managing to do this without breaking up! After a 60km detour, we are back on track and well on our way to Bay of Fires! Eventually, we find our campsite and set up camp followed by a stroll on the beach. Our extremely gourmet dinner (microwave alfredo pasta sans microwave), was not the hit it was supposed to be but our night was redeemed by a friendly game of Pictionary against our friends – when we realised that in fact Theo utterly sucked or was the ‘weakest link’ as pointed out by our friend Chloe!

Below are some snaps from the first day of our adventure featuring our little detour!

Where we got lost..!


Film photos: @theo.batchelor
Digital photos/edits: @wattlesandwildflowers

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Scandinavia Dreaming

I’ve finally found the time to sort through my thousands (yes thousands!) of travel photos from my gap year in 2015. Scandinavia would have to be one of my favourite places in the world hands down. From the aesthetic, Instagram-esque streets of Copenhagen, to the literal earth porn in Norway, Scandinavia is such a dream. Not to mention literally every person who lives there could be a high fashion model (your self-esteem really takes a hit!). Have you travelled to Scandinavia? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!


Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark
Stockholm, Sweden
Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark
Geiranger Fjord, Norway
Copenhagen, Denmark
Stockholm, Sweden

Photos/Edits: @wattlesandwildflowers

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Bream Creek Farmer’s Market

More than a few weeks ago now, my partner Theo and I ventured off to the first Bream Creek Market for 2018. Unlike the Farmgate Market (held literally in the middle of the city), the Bream Creek Market has that real laidback, ‘country’ vibe, being set in the showgrounds in the valley enclosed by hilly paddocks full of cattle.

This particular market we went to had everything from homemade jams and relishes; native flowers and edible plants; vegan food (which is quite rare for anywhere beyond greater Hobart); natural skincare product and organic vegetables. My inner ‘country’ girl self was having a grand old time. Most people my age are going out to drink every Saturday night but not me; I’m losing my s**t over an organic vegetable stall on a Sunday morning at 10am!

Hands down the cutest, and the most entrepreneurial, stall came from the sweet little girl pictured in the second photo who made a profit from pats and cuddles from her adorable baby rabbit. To keep things clear she made sure to disclaim at the bottom of her sign that the rabbit was, in fact, ‘real’…. bless!

Below are just a few of our fav snaps from the morning!


Photos by @theo.batchelor
Edits by @wattlesandwildflowers

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